Sharing the regional experience with all of Chile.

Based in the Araucanía region of Chile, our organization aims to develop and assess indigenous public policy, contributing to the sustainable development of Chile and promoting the value of Chilean interculturalism.


We seek to address the issues relating to Chilean Indigenous Peoples at a national level, and propose long-term solutions.

Our objective is to contribute to the analysis of issues relating to Chile’s Indigenous People. We achieve this through creating spaces for dialogue, producing research reports, and continually monitoring and assessing public policies that affect the protection and development of culture, and the improvement of the indigenous institutional framework. In doing so, we promote the rights and duties of Indigenous Peoples, and the sustainable development of Indigenous communities. We encourage interaction and dialogue between the different cultures that constitute our country.

The Foundation’s strategic points of focus are: culture and identity, the institutional framework, the rights and duties of Indigenous Peoples, and sustainable development.

Our scope of activity includes developing proposals for, and monitoring the successes and failures of, plans, programs and public policies relating to Indigenous Peoples in Chile; managing and contributing to the improvement of indigenous institutions; promoting the rights and duties of our Indigenous Peoples; the development of statistical studies; and international relations.